[Free course] [Fitness--insanity]

As the people who keep trying to sell me fitness gear say, “health is wealth” and also “summer bodies are made in winter”.

Seriously it is, I’ve had the insanity workout sitting in my Dropbox.
It should be all there - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ocx0q921taidl9g/AABotkLw2OvB5zLBXk1QokKfa?dl=0
Enjoy :muscle:t5:


If you have any access issues, let me know.

oh this is real fitness course? Not a course to “grow a fitness account”?

Seems like some good stock footage for people that need it. Kinda standard stuff though.

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A real fitness course lol

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Thanks for the info !

Enjoying watching while eating a kebab and snickers :rofl:

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My wife is going to be really happy!!_( Iam the one who will use this guide :grin: )

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