[FREE] Do you need follow sources?


I’ve been on this forum for a while now, took a lot of info from here so I would like to give something back.

I have scraped a couple of thousand follow sources before Deepsocial got out of business. Those are not niche related, I used them when I ran IG accounts in the adult niche, so all I cared about was to follow a tier 1 country, male user.

Those are absolutely legit, I don’t know if you can get anything similar nowadays, I’ve tried a couple of other services but they all seem bad. Mine have 75%+ authentic followers. I have them separated only by country.
So what I did was profile my girl accounts with something like… 21, Libra, Photographer, Currently living in Sweden…and then target my Sweden follow sources. 70% of the traffic was coming from Sweden, 5-10% different tier 1 countries and only like 20% tier 2,3. You can be creative with it.

I don’t want to post them all at once since this will defeat the purpose. It makes no sense if everyone starts using them, but I am giving away 50/person, just tell me which country you need.

On top of that, if you guys need I also have ~5000 packs (6photo+1 profile pic) of girls that I scraped from all other the internet. Took them from public social media profiles so they look super authentic.

So if you need those let me know as well.


UK please if possible, thank you.

USA / AU please

Good job @HuntaeLa :raising_hand_man:


Would be nice too.

Thank you!

I got both, which one do you need?

I got all 3 which one do you need?

Just edited :point_up:

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I sent them, check them before you add, maybe some of the accounts are no longer active atm.

what ever you feel like, will be good for me!

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Sent, please make sure to check them before you add.

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I replied here, my bad

What do you mean?

Can you send me this for Austria?

Sorry bro, I don’t have Austria, small country. I have 10 for Swiss if you want.

USA and Sweden olz

Sent them both :slight_smile:

Do you have from France please?

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USA please.

13 characters…

… interested in your 6photo+1 profile pic pack, as discussed :+1:

USA and the photos. Thanks!!