Free follow request ACCEPT tool (for big private pages)


as stated in the title, is there a FREE tool that will be accepting follow requests?
I know of the famous one working in browser but the price is somewhere around 30$ if I am not mistaken.

Was wondering if some of you would share your way of accepting ton of follow requests without paying 30$ a month, or using jarvee’s accept after follow feature.
Searched 2 days extensively for the free tool, couldnt find it.

So to sum up, im interested in a tool solely made for accepting follow requests.

Im not sure if im alloved to talk about IG tools because im only level 1, if not feel free to delete my post.

there are none free – I searched a long time.
pay or write your own.

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I know a person who has something like this though his company hired someone to write the code. I’ll ask if him if he’s willing to share but I’m pretty sure the upfront cost of this would be something like $200+ at least

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200$ is a understandable price, its not easy at all to write it down. but imo the price online is just obscure. 30 dollars?? thats the price for jarvee 10 accounts that has the weaker option of it included.
if someone could suggest a decent priced one would be very tankful.

$200 is a 1 time payment and it’s probably high because there isn’t much competition

No free tools bro maybe you can automate it with some apps in your phone.

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tried a lot of stuff havent found anything that could do it but I guess jarve accept after follow function is going to do it.

Why do you need that? Let me tell you a secret: if your account is private, then, make it public and all the requests will be automatically accepted.

Then, make it private again and noone will ever notice :wink:

not working, you will accept about 20% of requests, will lose half of the remaining. plus instagram is against it and will do some shadowbaning and stuff like that to prevent you from doing this. tried it alredy, works if you have a small page and get like 20 requests but not if you have to accept 2k+ :slight_smile:

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Free method: make public/ private once in a while lol

doesnt work if we are talking about big request numbers as i alredy said.

Have you found a solution?
I have 302k followers and 800-1000 new requests for acceptance are coming for me. I can not imagine doing it manually. I have several websites and used them before, but I’m curious about your opinion.

nope, none unfortunately
30 bucks it is or jarvees option, ill stick with jarvee

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Do you also see lower unfollow once making your profile private?