[FREE] Follow Sources for Art Niche

I love this forum and the information that they provide is unparalleled to any other Instagram IM forum. So, I decided to give away some good follow sources in the art niche that all have above a 15% engagement value. Enjoy!

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Pretty cool !

15% with only follow or follow+like ? :innocent:

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you a legend :space_invader:

May I know what’s the qualifying method you use for your sources?

Seems nice, thanks

Could you possibly share you method for finding these good sources

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Wow thanks for these sources

Look great, thanks!

Thanks my man! I’m gonna check them out.

want to grow your followers? just follow all these profiles in the sources cause it’s going their recent followers will be spammed to death. haha just kidding!

good work man very few people share their sources cause we work so hard for them!

kudos to you!