[FREE] How to create a good looking website


Hello guys i’ve been lurking enough time on this forum, now it’s time for me to give you some valuable advices.

This article i’m writing could definitely be considered as an advertisement, and if the admins thinks i’m not in the right place, do what you need :wink:


Here’s the story, one day i wanted to create myself a website, but man, doing it from scratch was a real pain for me, so after some days of researches i’ve found a goldmine with my name on it.

The software i’m about to show you is a FREE software, of course there is some things that you need to pay for, but you can definitely create an awesome website without paying a cent.

it’s name is…


If you don’t want my tuto here’s some links :

  1. Their website : https://mobirise.*com/
  2. The dl link : https://mobirise.com/mobirise-free-win.zip

So here’s what it looks like :

and after like 3.01 seconds

So yeah i don’t have much to say on mobirise, it’s self explanatory

You just open a menu of “block” that you can drag and drop into the website, you click on the text to change it as quick as flash mcqueen.
You can show your pricing, add a gallery of images, add metadata to all your pages

And for the end, here’s the “theme and extension” part

all the ones i’ve taken (with the red bin logo) are the free ones

It’s really a good tool, and since it’s free i recommend it a lot.

And of course, if you have any questions, i’ll be there for you :slight_smile:

Edit : I forgot to mention the website you create on it are mobile friendly too, without even changing anything


Wow, I will look into this! I guess I would need hosting as well?


Oh yeah I forgot to mention the don’t provide hosting, just the creation of the website :slight_smile:

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Hey @moustaash Thank You for the share.
This is awesome.
It may not completely replace WordPress. Yet, it is wonderful and super handy tool for a total beginner like me.
So, any idea on Hosting a website created using Mobirise?
If you could provide a guide or something, much appreciated.
Keep sharing!! :slight_smile:

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I’ll try to do it during the next 3 days I promise :slight_smile:

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Looks a good find!

You are Awesome :sunglasses:
Thanks Man!