Free IG automation tool

I find something for free I share it with you guys :slightly_smiling_face:

Now I believe it is always nice to have a backup plan.

I found this today but before jumping into it, I thought I would share it with you guys too.

I am not affiliated with this program. This is something I have found and like to share with this community.


Hey Micky, thanks for the great share!!
Have you tested it out? Any good?

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Not yet buddy. I will though. Just not home to get to my computer. But I was reading the reviews and people tend to like it. Specially the like option. They recommend sticking to around 200 likes a day, eventhough it can do more.
But personally I would only test this with my test accounts. I would not trust it as I trust Jarvee for client and personal accounts. It’s free, and I thought you guys should benefit too. Now this communtiy has given me a lot, and I like to give back.

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Thank you for sharing this tool Micky!

Do you know if this tool includes proxy and user agent settings or do you have to open another tab for each account added the way people are doing it with Everliker and then setting user agent + proxy in each browser tab? In the short video I just saw the simple login of an account.

Kinda weird that you have to log in into the app when it’s an extension for chrome

Without being an expert in this software, I believe the same was needed in everlike.

My pleasure buddy. As mentioned earlier I haven’t worked with it myself yet. But I read that doing proxy should be possible. Users are using chrome extension to runs proxies

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The only issue is that whether it is secure to log in to your IG account within the extension. It seems to resolve the IP/proxy issue if an IG user using it on his/her own PC, same footprint as a real person. The script pattern can be a different issue to see if IG can detect it as an automation or not.

In my experience with Growbot, IG could detect the automation even with very careful settings.
It was the same IP as mine since it ran from my PC but it resulted in a block for my PC

Yes, that is what I’m wondering, if proxy and user agent settings are integrated within the extension. Otherwise you can setup proxy within the most of the popular browser and user agent with an extension.

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IG can detect any bot. Any 3rd party login is easily detected

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But you can log on to your IG account on a PC/Browser. It does not have to be on a mobile device.