Free Instagram Tools - Trending Content Search Hashtag Search, Profile Analytics

I built a tool that will save you a ton of time. It has a ton of features, but the features that I think people on this forum will care most about are the

Hashtag Tool - Search hashtags by multiple keywords.
Content Search - Quickly find top trending content based on keyword.
Profile Analytics - Quickly find analytics for any profile on Instagram.

The tools are free. I am just looking for feedback for ways to improve it.

The site is called Hopefully its helpful for you guys. Cheers!

Thanks for any feedback!


I just gave the content finder a go and didn’t find anything for the keywords gadget, beauty or fashion


Hey Chris can you give ago again? It’s still really new so I’m tweaking bugs. But it should work now!

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Content doesn’t work for me either. Love the design of the site, very sleek!

All three tools work great for me!

My only suggestion is in terms of the results that are popping up when you search for something.

Eg: In hashtag search, if you search for “wedding, indianwedding”, you end up with a lot of relevant hashtags for wedding, but nothing for indianwedding. Check out - they do a great job of this!

The same issue is popping up for multiple hashtag searches on the content finder. One of the hashtags is relevant to all the images, but the other is not given that much importance (though a few are appearing here and there of course).

Great and simple tool you’ve built here!

All three tools work well for me as well.

I’d like to know what are the parameters for the results on # search as well as trending content though.

great thanks for the feedback. very helpful!

Not sure what you mean. Can you clarify?

I dont see my tribe score?

all tools working properly for me

it’s a lovely tool thanks for making.

even i loved the design and the most important thing i love is you’re showing the number of followers by their exact number and not 10.2k it’s like 10287

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Hey Frazy - if you refresh after your first visit you should see it.

Thanks! Let me know if there’s anything I can improve! Cheers.

Still doesn’t work bro!

Feel free to message me your profile name and I’ll take a look.

Absolutely! My question is basically what do you define as a trending content? the selection of pictures is based on engagement or any other parameter?