Free Photoshop Alternative and Workflow

Hello all.

I got tired of paying for Photoshop and found a completely free alternative that works as well as, or better. It is called Photopea.

Here is how I use it:

  1. I create a blank image file for each size of image that I use (IG, Pinterest, etc.). I then save that as a .psd file.
  2. I open each .psd file, and I add the following layers… background image, watermark, and text overlay.
  3. You can add numerous background layers, and turn them off and on as you like. You can add numerous text overlays, and turn them off and on as you like. You turn them off with the little eye looking icon on the right side layer list.
  4. So, if you have 8 different backgrounds and 8 different text overlays, then you can quickly make 64 different images!
  5. Then you can save the image as a jpg or whatever format you need.
  6. When you want to work on the next image set, open up the appropriate psd file, make you additions and changes and there you have your images.

Best of luck all!

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What are you trying to automate? I think there is better ways.

I didn’t say automate. Just wanted to show how I use a free alternative to Photoshop.

But if you need to open psd files, how is it an alternative to photoshop :thinking:

You can create/save files as .psd in Photopea. It uses the same architecture as Photoshop but it is free. Open it up and see. It is browser based.

As another alternative, I can suggest GIMP, which is the Photoshop free alternative for Linux, but works also on Windows and Mac.

nice stuff , thank you for sharing :pray:

By the way, I was also searching for Photoshop alternative but if you have several years experience with Photoshop then it will not be easy to adopt any other software. Although there are many options but I’ll suggest Photopea only if you want similar user interface as well.