Free Quake Champions closed beta keys [Valid until May 7th]


Are any of you gamers? If so, I’ve got 2 keys left for the new Quake Closed beta.

If you’re interested in playing, this round of the beta runs until May 7th. Just reply here or PM me for a key if you’re interested.


Nice of you

Last time I played something like this was at least 15 years ago :smiley: Quake 3 as I can remember

I wish I have more time, but… work first :slight_smile:


Yeah Quake 3 was great :grinning:


We had only dial up back then, I remember we played it in local internet club, on LAN :slight_smile:


I just remembered, we played Redline and AoE2 too :smiley: man, what a time :smiley:


Back in the day… Quake and Unreal Tournament… oh what a time to be alive


Man, my laptop is alright, but my desktop would love to play. Too bad it’s in storage from traveling. Otherwise I am sure the R9 290X would love to breathe finally!

Soon though!


Best. Game. EVER

Followed closely by Counter Strike, the original one.


I’m a console guy as well. I know, but whatever, SOCOM and METAL GEAR weren’t available on PC at the time.

I have so many damn consoles and games (almost all in storage except XBOX ONE S), and yet I never find time to play.

I built a custom gaming rig/plex server and used it for 3 months and now it’s in storage. I would love to fire it up and get my game on. My battle station was 3 24" monitors, 2 laptops, a Dell desktop for work and that bad boy. I don’t miss IT, but the look on most peoples faces when they walked in to my office was always good.


UT 99 my favorite arena shooter.
CS 1.6 best team based competitive shooter.

Don’t know why, but games this days are not the same.

Used to play Lineage 2 played this MMO so much.



Skyrim. Fallout 4.

Nuff said.


Titanfall, don;t forget Titanfall.

I wore out so many controllers buttons on Skyrim wandering around picking up grass flowers etc “in case” I needed them that I lost count.


Ok, let’s all agree that Worms Armageddon is the best game of all time :slight_smile:


You can tell who is younger :slight_smile: We are talking about games from the 90s and you come with Skyrim… young grasshopper!


Me too. Was obsessed with Alchemy and Smithing. Never read a guide so I don’t ruin the whole experience.

Installed additional settings on my PC so the environment will become more “real”. You can die in the cold so you would have to set up camp and warm yourself up. Also installed that add-on where you have to eat from time to time.

I’m a 90’s guy too but when I was younger, I played with grasshoppers more often than I played video games. But I was into Pokemon, Super Mario, and others.

If you’re familiar with Battle Realms, I spent countless hours trying to finish the storyline quests. :smiley:


Don’t get me started on Kings Quest 3, Drug Wars, Carmen San Diego, or hell even Gorillas.


Worms was like one of the most memorable games!
Whenever we had Science class in the last 20 minutes the teacher would let us play anything we want.
Worms was the go2game.

Oh man have you ever played Carmageddon :D?
So much fun in that game.

Duke Nukem 3D. That was a real Duke Nukem game not this garbage that was released last time.


Its like we went to the same High School… at the end of comp science we would blast each other at Worms Armageddon!

Carmageddon was epic too! The bloodbath… horrible graphics but epic game play.


All of this and not one person has mentioned Goldeneye…


You mean Perfect Dark? :joy: