Free Site To Create Bridge Page for IG Bio Link (Gives You a Link Beyond Your Website or Offer Direct Link)

I try to contribute where I can, as I am forever researching (yeah, I try to implement, too). Meanwhile, came across this. I am not sure how it works, but I’ve seen success with others in the past, like this. While some may say who don’t want it to go directly to their website, a lot of us (or some of us are grey and blackhat ppl, so this should work just fine).

This should help be a bridge between your offers and website. Or, at least, worth a shot on a few accounts you don’t care as much about, but need to put a link in your bio. Well, without further ado, here is AGAIN, I saw a few ppl using it, and I have not used it myself, but it seems to function like some of the others on the market. I registered, but have not tried it. It seems to be free, however. Anyway, someone can give it a try and see what happens, if it is even worth it at all. Good luck!

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thanks for the tip, i will try it out and see if its better then bitly etc

Linktree is good also. Here is an overview of 3 similar tools:


Yeah, that is a pretty good one. However, I just think that for black or greyhat purposes, they may be quicker to get suspended/banned on their sites. For a person’s main IG page, Linktree and the others are good, however. Thanks:).

What is best for blackhat. greyhat. etc, etc,

^^ this. I recommend to my clients.

Allows you to have multiple links from the bio. Simple to set up. And tracks the clicks on each link

Example for my fitness clients:

  1. Free Nutrition guide opt in
  2. Free in-studio trial Offer
  3. Recent Blog Post


since linktree had a huge hiccup a few weeks back (some accounts were getting temp banned from having a linktree link)

Make your own page for links in a simple page on your hosted website.

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Thanks for sharing. I actually agree with this. Just thinking about how to make this effectively.

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