Free Time Saving Tool To Add Sources

Hey guys. We all know how much of a drag it can be to add sources for your accounts so I just thought I’d drop in and share a free tool I’ve been using for a while now that saves me a ton of time getting sources formatted properly.

You can used this tool for formatting hashtags by commas or by adding breaks between each username when adding usernames.

You can also use it to shuffle lines for reposting individual posts.

So the tool is called

I’m sure there’s plenty of other text manipulation tools out there but this one is an all in one web browser based tool that does everything I need it to.

So basically the main tools I use are the Add/Remove Line Breaks tool and Remove Duplicates tool. I use the Add/Remove Line Breaks tool for adding or removing line breaks depending on if I’m trying to format hashtags or usernames. If I’m doing hashtag research, I’ll usually just find posts with lots of hashtags, then use the tool to create line breaks before or after each #, then use the Remove Duplicate lines tool to remove duplicates, then use the Add/Remove line breaks tool to add a comma and remove all breaks so that its formatted correctly.

For randomizing post urls for reposts, I use the sort lines tool and just randomize the lines.

This tool combined with notepad’s Find & Replace can do wonders.

Try it out & if you find it useful, add it to your bookmarks or pin it to your start menu like I do to keep it handy. If you have any other techniques for adding sources. Please share.


Great share, thanks @sammysickweb
I also use this for manipulating hashtags from columns to comma separated lists: