[FREE TOOL] Embed IG accounts follow, and following stats on your website

Hey guys,

I created a little tool using Excel to create iFrame embed codes for you to display your IG accounts on your website, or offline for your own use.

###What is the purpose of this tool?

If you are someone who likes to monitor your accounts growth every day, you likely keep multiple Instagram tabs open in your browser. Using this tool will allow you to display multiple accounts followers & followings all on one page. You can also use this tool to watch your competitions accounts each day.

###How It Works

  1. Click Here to open the tool (Version 1.0)
  2. Change the Status from “Available” to “In Use”
  3. Enter any IG username
  4. Copy the code displayed into an HTML page.

If you dont have a website, you can create a local html page on your computer to acheive the same results.

  1. On your computer, open NotePad
  2. Paste the code from the tool into the notepad
  3. Click File>Save As, and save it as “Anything.html”
  4. When you click on it, open it with Google Chrome or a browser of your choice.

###Here is what it will look like once you enter the code into an HTML document.


Brandon I cannot say I have a clue about how busy you are but this tool would be a god send. I have been tweaking it to try and make it work but would love to see a crispy version 2.0 :sunglasses:

If anyone would like to collaborate to integrate this tool into webpages for easy reference I would like to to participate and hope to make it a successful project.

This is awesome! Thanks!