Free Tool For Facebook Pages Competition Monitoring

Here’s the link :

And here’s what it does - It scans the competition pages and it gives you:

  • their best posts
  • the engagement on each post
  • what works best for them
  • comparisson in their category
  • comparisson for all the pages you give it
  • map with county for all likers of the page
  • evolution of likers correlated with posts / campaigns
  • hours ppl comment on the pages
  • promoted posts detection - find out which of their posts are promoted (the results are ready every week - so you have to wait some days to get this data for all your pages)
  • download the data reports and pdf - will be live tomorow morning

UNLIMITED number of pages

Looks quite good, and it’s free for now so give it a try, let me know how it goes for you :wink:


Dammit Johnny!

When I’m hyper-focused on IG you gotta go and drop this fabulous looking tool in my lap.:laughing:

All kidding aside…this looks super SWEET! Thanks for the hook-up!



Great post, thanks for the heads up.

@Johnny Do you have any free code for an extended trial ? Multumesc :smiley:

Unfortunately no, I know they turned paid in the meantime :slight_smile: Maybe try and contact them and see if they can help :wink:


wondering how this could be used for?