FREE tool for TikTok views, hearts etc

I tested it on one of my accounts, got like 5k views on a video instantly from it. Not gonna try it again for 24 hours to see if it is positive or negative for account growth. It works and is free, I just don’t know if it will get you shadow banned or not.


Seems like a definite shadowban… lol


have u tried it?


Yes. It works. I just don’t know if it has any negative effects on your account.


It definitely does. I discourage anybody from using this for a legitimate account…


So use this on test account


100%, otherwise there is too much risk


Fake website not increase like and view
My id (ram_gurjar_1111)


I don’t understand what that is?

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You click a button and it gives your account views. Probably doesn’t work anymore and if it does, instant shadowban.

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Fake website it is not increase my follow and like (@rana_gopal)

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Sending heart worked. 10 hearts so testing more

This is against their TOS. They’re pretty strict. I wouldn’t recommend using third party apps, if you want to keep your account.

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Well, most of us here use 3rd party apps for all our social accounts :slight_smile: I doubt you’ll discourage MPSocial users to use it, but personally, I wouldn’t use this site for other reasons, like complete shadowban or limited reach.


Haha so true. Not the best choir to preach to on that subject :sweat_smile:

I want to reiterate to everyone that I have tested this multiple times. Buying views or followers on TikTok leads to a permanent shadowban. You’re not going to get past their detection…


@Adnan I just joined the forum. After a permanent ban on Instagram for using a 3rd party app, and recently being suspended on TikTok, I think I’m done with these.

What app were you using for IG?

An iPhone app for free likes and followers. Got suspended twice, then permanently banned.

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That’s so obvious… It’s the same situation with TikTok. Don’t buy followers or views!

Yeah, free likes and followers is not a good idea. It’s better to grow them slowly with some automation software like Jarvee or even manually because too many likes and followers in such short time is waay too suspicious and you’ll get banned most probably.