[Free Tool] Make A Business Plan Easily!

Hey all!

Been a while since I shared anything decent.

So for the last week and a half, I’ve been working on my business plan for my SMM business and have been having a lot of trouble understanding everything and what should go into my plan.

Did a bunch of googling, and I finally found a pretty awesome site to organize your business plan for everything that’s actually important!

Here it is: https://planbuildr.com/
(I’m in no way affiliated with this site)

Let’s get to it!
When you’ve gone through “the whole business plan” you’ll find this at the end screen.
You’re gunna wanna click the FREE 1 week trial.

After you’ve done that go ahead and go BACK into your business plan from the start, you will see that a bunch of extra things has now opened up for you to fill out throughout your entire plan again… Fun(sarcasm alert)… but necessary :slight_smile:


you’ve completed your business plan and have entirely filled it out with anything that pertains to you and you’ve downloaded your plan via Microsoft word doc (or pdf but you likely wanna do docx.) :point_down: Go to “My account” in the top right-hand corner :point_down:

and click Subscription
and then click the CONTINUE button to cancel your subscription in all and you will NOT be charged.

This is a pretty killer, clean and well-made site for organizing yourself, your business, and your thoughts.

If you guys have any questions about it just ask and I should be able to help :slight_smile:

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Nice share babs! Creating a plan from scratch is the pits. I will give this a look over later to see how helpful it is compared to the “old school”.


From scratch was about 7 days of my time and got me just about nowhere, Especially since Im HORRIBLE with formatting. However this formats and makes your shit look :100: suupah hot :fire: boii if you know what i mean.
I was impressed by how professional it came out really.



Can you send an example of the business plan? Without your personal info of course.
I mean I do not see the usefulness of that site (yet).

Are there any questions / texts / categories already in it? Otherwise I can also type it right away in word. Sorry, don’t understand that part. I’m going to watch it tomorrow on my computer! thanks for this share👍

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Simply an easy way to organize yourself and make an easy good plan if you haven’t and/or dont know how to do a business plan yet.


Yes it does add a bunch of extras and things you normally wouldn’t think about if you (again) haven’t made a b-plan before.


Now it make sense haha😂
Very nice :ok_hand: Thank you for explaining.
Just what i need right now tbh.
I’m gonna check if they also support other languages.


Just remember you’ll have to re-go through it a second time after signing up for the trial, like in the directions at the top. (if they have your language) (and dw, it doesn’t make you restart either. just start from whatever point where they start adding more info after you “purchase the trial”)

Happy to help :smiley: