Free tool to check followers over time?

Hi folks, I’m looking for a tool which tells how many followers a certain account had one year ago and how many it gained over a certain period of time…does something like that exists?
Thanks could be what you need

1 Like can help you do this

But you must tell it to start tracking it first.

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Also ninjalitics. Plenty of data, good readability.

If you want to start tracking now, definitely, but if you want it to show growth over time from one year ago till today I don’t know which tool does that.

A while back, I remember using some paid tools offering +1 year backlog. Don’t know if they are still around or what they were called, lol. But they existed.

Igblade (by @SheriffWoody ) is my tool of choice.

As far as I understand any tool (paid or free) needs to start tracking an account to know the long term historical numbers. If your client has used any such tool before then it will be aware of their account and probably still tracking it. If you use that tool then it will already have historical data for the account.
As with most things on IG & FB the only people with the full data are FB themselves, that’s their value!

Hope that makes some sense, if not perhaps sheriffwoody can put me straight!

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