[Free Tool 🐰] WhatsApp Scheduler

Use this free tool to schedule messages on WhatsApp:

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Dropping links like that always leaves a weird aftertaste.

  • Domain registered 2 months ago
  • Claims to be GDPR compliant - Doesn’t disclose who operates the service or how to do any sort of GDPR action.
  • “Free Tool” doesn’t really describe it - it has a free tier with 1 message at a time and 30 Bulk campaigns
  • Multiple broken links and formatting errors

Just to be sure: This is not your project @benny? :thinking:

It’s nice that you’re suspicious, but it’s not necessary to check up on a level 4 user in this forum :wink:

Paranoia is not bound by an arbitrary level system :slight_smile:

Either way, I wouldn’t trust that side with even just sending Happy Birthday wishes as they suggest :smiley:

Though I had a good laugh at this one:

Debt collection - send recurring messages every week to you clients like "Good morning, did you transfer the money?
believe me they will start to pay :wink:

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