Free traffic to your site! (CANCELED)


System that generates real and free traffic to your site. Very useful and if done correctly, can generate thousands of visits.


Is this your site?


doesn’t make sense. Who cares about free traffic. & “Real” i doubt it targets my market in a magical way.

I got 20k real visitors monthly from hard working using jarvee . If this is the magical shortcut we should all be taking then man we are missing out…


It looks like a Brazilian version of pandabot. Or link collider.


i translated it . from my understanding



If this is all I need to get traffic, what the hell am I doing with my life?!


This is almost as good as – which you can’t beat in terms of quality and price per GB.


is this a joke site? what happens when you download more ram?


You get more RAM.


I had no idea you could download RAM.

Things have really changed since I studied microprocessors


What’ll blow your mind is the T4 GPU you can download from google cloud.



just downloaded 1080 gtx gpu

lets keep this thread alive… its a big meme!


Damn sweet dude, HMU if you’ve got some good torrents for a new motherboard, I’ll trade you a google drive with a new water cooling system


Free traffic doesnt mean a dang thing unless they are buying whatever im selling.


how are you doing that?