[Free Unlimited Redirets + FREE Hosting and Landing Page]

You can also use Shopify to redirect you urls to you main domain… If you site got blocked from fb or pinterest or instagram… Just use method bellow and you can create redirect from domain.myshopify.com

Enjoy the method Below…

Here is how you can use shopify to host your landing page for free and sell as much as you need.

Step-1: Sign up for Shopify partner account.

Step-2: Create your development store from partner dashboard.

Step-3: Design your website using Shopify themes and theme editor.

Step-4: Add product from your product listing dashboard.

Step-5: Install our Money Saver Pro app and now is the fun part.

Installation url:



Step-6: Login to the app dashboard and you will see a list of your added products. Click on the Edit button and a form will appear. Now, you can add your checkout page url variant wise. You can use paypal payment url, zaxxa url or any hosted checkout url you want. If your variants have different pricing, use different payment url. Save and update.

Step-7: Go to storefront and check if the variant wise payment url redirects properly.

Use cases:

  • Run a full agency website and sell your service online.
  • Use it as your landing page for BHW services.
  • Open an ecommerce store.
  • And more.


  • Shopify development stores allows adding custom domains. So you don’t have to rely on shopify subdomain.
  • Shopify gives you free SSL.
  • 70% of the apps in app store are development store friendly. That means access to 1800+ apps for free forever.
  • 12 really cool free themes in theme store.
  • Shopify theme editor is pretty cool.


  • Sales through this method will not be recorded in shopify as we are avoiding shopify checkout.
  • Do not sell anything that is not allowed by shopify.

Enjoy Money Saver Pro app responsibly and say hi if you are also into ecommerce, POD, dropshipping or anything related to it :)


I have also method for unlimited free phone number that you can use for verifications… But i will share it once i reach lvl 2 :slight_smile:


can’t wait for you to share this method of yours :slight_smile:

I use shopify for my agency website. I finished building the website but the SSL isn’t activated. Does it just get activated when I choose a paid plan? I’m still in the free plan and I have my domain bought at Google Domains.

Couldn’t find a solution for this yet.

Dont worry I talked with the Shopify support and it got solved :white_check_mark:

Great trick, does it still work bro?

Yeah it works :slight_smile: