Free ways to verify number?

I use to use Google Voice’s but they caught onto that, I thought about smspva but its 75 cents per verification. Are there any freeways of getting that verification text? Thanks a lot!

That’s only for US numbers. Russia with Twitter is 5 cents.

I don’t think you will get it for free anywhere.

I wish. Google voice was the main thing I used. Even that became a challenge once they introduced voice call verification. Following in case someone mentions something useful

If you have money to spend and if you are familiar with voip softphones you can use callcentric. You can get 917 numbers there which are also used for mobile. But it is $1 a month.

I use local sim cards. But I am just lucky that they are cheap where I live.

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Thank you all for the replies!

From my experience, something that is very important for an account, such as a solution for verifying an account, should be good quality. Even if there are free options for something like this, I wouldn’t risk my account, if this is some important account.


Exactly… Completely agree with @Bianca. You wouldn’t use free proxies for your accounts, right? Same goes for phone number.

How often you get verification requests? It’s not expensive if you don’t get it daily :slight_smile:
Also, have you çonsidered why are you getting PV?

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I guess the problem here is that with twitter you cannot use a different number each time. I was also using google voice numbers but that ship appears to have sailed. the only way is either renting numbers or buying your own sim cards. temp numbers will get you 1 verification but as soon as the next one comes the account is dead.

With sim cards it appears to be luck of where you live.

I found some cheap ones here in the USA and they work for instagram but not twitter…go figure.

Need to try and find some cheap sim cards that will work for twitter.
Any ideas?

Why would a physical sim card not work with Twitter?
For virtual phone numbers there are a million services, some on MPSocial. Many of them just resell and don’t have any own sims or numbers,so beware.

Freedom pop were the company. Its not its own sim card i guess because you need to have an app to use it. Though actual sim cards in the states are just expensive. I dont think there is a way around that.
I use virtual ones from time to time.

I guess you could use a virtual one and then delete it instantly so you can use a different one next time?

Ah I see, yes many services limit the receiving of codes (either because they lack the needed agreements with the involved carriers or due to abuse)

If you don’t care that yoi lose access to the account once you get a PV, then too could change numbers like that

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i use lycan sims thast give youa free number in the usa for one year… and you recieve sms codes