Free Website Development [To Build Reviews]

Hello guys,
I have been a lurker here but I signed up a while ago and I will like to offer a free website to 3 members here.
I will be responsible for creating your website only, you will give content, Images, and logo. However, I provide these services too but not free here.

If you are interested let me know.
Send me a PM first to know if your website is with the scope of my freebie.

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Hi Dave,

If you can build me a website that would be great.

i sent you a PM

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Will you host the website for free?

No I won’t be hosting it for you for free.

Okay will reply soon

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Hi Kent,
Please shoot me a PM with your requirements and I will know if it fits into the scope of this giveaway.


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Any ongoing or costs not mentioned?
What’s the site based on? Wordpress or?
Would love to know more.

Sorry I was limited from replying since yesterday after I posted.
To answer you:

  1. No ongoing cost. You will have to pay for your webhosting and domain too.
  2. For this giveaway, it will be based on WordPress but I do other PHP related projects.
  3. You can send me a PM if you have any other questions.
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I’m interested. do you still have free spots?