Freelancing Vs 9 to 5 Job

Is freelancing a limted time bubble? Should opt for it as a permanent job. Some say it’s a temporary bubble. What do you guys think?

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9 to 5 to learn, freelance to earn


Freelancing can be whatever… Contracts for pretty much everything, some would be amazing opportunities, some would be good, some would be bad.

Bubble is a term for something else, freelancing isn’t a bubble

Freelancing will be the new 9 to 5 someday

you’re right. It’s becoming the future.

its about want you want in life. Safety and being sure to get the same amount of cash every month and to able to leave work behind in your freetime? Than go for a 9-5 job

do you want more from life and are you able to take risks? go for freelancing

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Exactly 10/10

Explain me please what is 9 to 5 and the meaning of freelance

9 to 5 Work that begins at nine o’clock in the morning and ends at five o’clock** , which are the hours that people work in many offices from Monday to Friday: She’s tired of working nine-to-five.

Freelancing means* to work as an independent company rather than be employed by someone else.


Thank you very much, you solved my question. So do you work as freelance? Or what u do
And a person who works in social media management is a freelancer too?

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start freelancing alongside your main Job… and you will know when to leave your main job and put 100% focus on your freelancing / business!