Fresh Account Manual Follow Settings Help

How much should I be following on a fresh account?

I have followed 50 on the 24th, and then 60 today, and plan on increasing 10 per day until I reach to 100. Then what?

You can easily follow even more by manual

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As well as UNFOLLOWING settings too!

i highly advice you to be what you’re i mean human dont follow the same amount and dont increase by 10 , the AI its kinda advanced and may rise flag for such behavior ,
try to increas but randomly and note it down just for you so you know what to do next day and dont do it in the same period of the day as i said just act as human being

You could easily do 200 a day if you made the account on 4G and are using 4G.

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Have you guys been trying to manually follow more than 200 a day?

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Yeah, could do even more if you wanted. :sunglasses: