Fresh Bought Account

How long should we let an account rest on a proxy before beginning to perform actions like logging onto the account or beginning f/u?

I’ve been told about 24 hours, is that correct?

After that, how long should we wait until we change the password/email/bio/username? Does Instagram “flag” your account when you do these actions too fast?

Simply putting the account onto a proxy does nothing. You need to do some kind of action. I would recommend logging in and leaving it at that.

Other people have different theories.

I say login, view a story, like a comment etc.

After that, leave it for 24 hours.

If you can do anything like follow or like, the the account and proxy have enough trust that you can probably change the bio etc. if you get a PV or EV when doing anything, then wait 24 hours after PV or EV.

Always start with low value actions. Follows and likes have a higher “value” than viewing a story etc.

But that’s my own opinion.


Changing all of those details IS a red flag. Tahts why i would always suggest creating accounts yourself.
Anyways to answer your question my suggestion would be performing a slow warmup for a week at least before editing username/bio, it would also be a good idea not doing it all at once but with one day pause after each alteration.


Thanks for your response guys. For a “slow warmup”, do you mean f/u or manually using the browser function on my Jarvee bot to like/view stories

I agree with @mindeswx about this. Creating accounts gives a far higher trust score. The only issue is that they need to be warmed up properly and take a few months to get up to speed.

But that is better than a hacked, bought, russian IG account with zero trust IMO

I know a bit on creating accounts via the recent one posted here a month ago. What website should I use to create mass emails and does the type of email created affect the credibility of the account?

Slow warmup refers to any and all major functions. Once you’ve changed the bio etc, you are going to try actions right? Follow and like are “high value”, so you may or may not be able to do them. View story etc is low value since typically it does not result in engagement or a follow.

If you can do a like or follow with no PV, make a post. Post a few times over a month, and slowly ramp up the number of follows and likes every day (always use nightmode, give it days off, only between certain hours etc) until you hit your goals for the account.


That means I can’t start daily posting for a month until the account is warmed up? Wow that’s a long time from the creation of the account.

No, that’s not what that means. That’s what I do.

You also need to consider the content you are posting. Some people have trouble with whenever they post, they get a PV. Original content, good spintax etc should prevent a PV. If the account is purchased or freshly created, you should treat it like a real persons. Not everyone posts all day every day. Sure, some do, most do not. Personally I like to work up to daily posting. Some people post 12 times a day and have good results.

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