Friday - modifications to instagram that affect automation

Instagram makes modifications that in a way affects J and generates blockages and everything is for a purpose , to mark and compromise accounts.

But how can I? , usually people when they have blockades try to solve them in the different ways we know them, but when they do they compromise the account.

I say that because it happened to me last Friday and I just did the test with an account that I have to do tests and I’m committed to just making a couple of changes.

So, clearly Instagram wants you to feel affected, it sets the account for you to give up that sotfware or the customer gives up on you.

my recommendation is , when I have a blockade on Friday , wait for it to resolve itself or for another day to try to solve it , Friday days I think instagram is more aware of those changes you make to solve the problem

Have you noticed that on Fridays there are blockages?

What do you think?

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Never wait. If one gets bricked, start another one. The best you can do is start m/s in current IG climate. If not you’ll sweat your balls off having to wait those blockages out. As far as IG, they could (not saying they will) end it tomorrow. So why wait for that?


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It is clear that the day that you have more blockages is more difficult to solve, because not wait until tomorrow to try?

On Fridays I think instagram annoys more , to solve it the same day and risk
is that it?

Instagram doesnt care about it’s days? That statement makes no sense. Fix your blocks no matter what day. They dont manually block you

How arrogant you are, you don’t understand what I mean

if it doesn’t make sense, just don’t comment

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Saturday’s morning …