$$$ Friends, Family, and The Following - Let's Market (And gain followers the right way, the lasting way) $$$

I will try to share everything I know that has turned me from a nobody in my field to a rising somebody in months. Yes, it’s true, you probably aren’t going to be making a million bucks in a week. If you want advice for that, I’d recommend robbing a bank.

This advice is based on Facebook, but it’s potential can go anywhere.
Where to begin?

Let’s begin:

If you are concerned with privacy then go make a new profile under your name for marketing and leave your current one for friends and family. Personally, I use my main profile for marketing. So let’s say you are… something. An artist. Perhaps you sing songs and sell your cds on Amazon. You are going to want to gain a following. BE PATIENT.

Let’s pretend you are starting from scratch. No one knows who you are or what you are trying to get them to do/watch/buy.

You’re going to want to join some groups. “Well, no shit horror guy, I know this.” Yes, but you don’t know how to do it properly. Let’s say your band is of the modern rock genre. First you’d join groups that are based on rock in general. Maybe one would be called “Rock On- A rock music Group” or something. Then, you need to get more specific. What bands do you sound like? Say it’s Three Days Grace, Disturbed, and Seether. These are just examples. You go find groups related to those bands and you join them.


Spam, spam, spam. You get yelled at by members, you get banned, no one listens to you. As all things, this is not 100%. I’m sure sometimes you might get positive feedback from a post like this on the internet but most of the time you will not.

You must post something that is guaranteed attention and is based on the group. Example: Go into the Disturbed group and post: “Down With The Sickness is a good song, but Stricken is almost the same song but done much better.” The goal is to post something that people will remember seeing and will get a lot of likes. Wait a little while and then just start adding people that liked the post. (Side not, make sure you have posts on your profile relating to the fact that you’re in a band so that your new “friends” can see that you are in a band, even if it is just your cover photo.)

Do this in all those groups you just joined and within a day you may have 200 new facebook friends that all are fans of bands similar to yours and are now seeing your posts as friends. BUT, this still is not the time to start spamming them. Post popular thoughts, or thoughts that these people will like. Talk about music, post about Nickelback sucking, or the annoyingness of modern rap music. Get these people to enjoy your posts and get lots of people to your profile.

Let’s skip ahead a bit to the point here you have lots of friends from these groups and people are totally digging your posts both on your profile and in these groups…

GUESS WHAT!!! You totally have like 2,000 friends now that love rock music and know you are a rocker. Guess what you can do? Send them all invites to your band page!!! If you would have done this right away without them liking you then they would have shrugged it off as spam or maybe even deleted you and been like “Oh, he just added me to spam his band.”, but no, not now. Now they like you and know you are a rocker so send those invites and watch your page start growing!!!

Now you can also, casually and lightly, post about your own music in those groups. DO THIS VERY LIGHTLY AS TO REMAIN NOT VIEWED AS SPAM.

See, now that you have 250 facebook friends that are all in that Disturbed group, if you post about your music in that group it will actually be seen. If you didn’t have friends in that group then you’d post about your music, no one would LIKE it and it would just fade off into nothingness. But, now that you have friends in that group, when you post about your music all those people that you are friends with will be informed and most will go like it and some may even comment on your post talking about how awesome you music is. Before you know it, you have a post in a big ass rock group with a link to your song, 124 likes and 20 comments about how dope you and your music are. Suddenly the post is acceptable, won’t be deleted, and people will take note because of the likes.

Another thing to do, in the case of a band or something else with visual marketing, is post your CD cover. Do this after you have the friends as well. Post your cool CD cover and people will become interested based just off your cover design. It works, it really does.

You can also do something similar with specific people. Say there is this band, they aren’t super famous, but the members do have a following. GO ADD THOSE MEMBERS. Find their popular posts and just start adding people and then they will become a part of the rest. The best part about all this is that all your friends will be music lovers. You don’t have random ass people floating around. They all have one thing in common: they all love exactly what you want to promote: rock music.

Do this with pages too, but do it at a slower pace because facebook may get mad at you. Go to Disturbed’s facebook page, pick a newer post, and just start adding people that liked the post. But, like I said, at a slower pace. Maybe add 10 and then go back later that night and find 10 more. Some people you won’t even be able to add because facebook says you don’t know them. Move on to the next person. Don’t do any of this at a pace that will get you blocked. I haven’t been blocked so obviously it is possible.

I’ve been doing this for months. I now have almost 3,000 likes on my page, my profile posts get 100-300 likes no matter what I post, and my product is selling and people eagerly wait for my next releases. Be patient, good luck, and never let yourself get marked as a spammer.

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Hey the Horror, good approach it’s actually the best way to approach potential customers in any online marketing these days by building trust relationship and then softly marketing to them… So i’ll be voting you up for this one, since i’ll like it the best so far in the giveaway competition…


Thank you!!! It has worked well for me. It takes a bit of time, but it has payed off greatly. I’ve only been at it for around half a year and people ask me how I have so many people on my page concerned with what I have to say and this is how. It takes some effort, but it is almost fool-proof.

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Here is an image of my last facebook post, in case anyone has doubts. Not even an important post, but my methods have earned me a following.

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Of course, and it’s white hat and the way how things should be done… A lot of people here are searching for black hat techniques not realising the white hat techniques are actually the one that can make you succeed on long run… Anything black hat is just like a temporary fix or a band aid… It will work fast but short term… White hat on the other hand is slower at start but so much rewarding afterwards

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Great share @TheHorror , a solid method that should be a lot more used than it is now. Unfortunately everyone wants fast results, wants them now and without much work, that’s why most will fail and give up in 2-3 months.

As you said, this will take some time but it is a whitehat method that will last forever, interaction and getting close to people is the way to go and I suspect will matter more and more in the future as many will get tired of the constant spam.

Good luck with the giveaway!

Indeed. Sadly, all anyone cares about is fake accounts, bots, and ways to spam people into submission. I do hope my advice does help at least a few, though.

Great post! The biggest takeaway is to focus on building relationships and never spam. Then once you’ve developed trust, add the people that like your post and ask them to join your group.

very simple and yet effective technique! Thanks for sharing