From 17 views to 26k

I recently uploaded a video which got 17 views in 24 hours, when I normally get over 30k, so I decided to make it private. Last night, I made it public again, and surprisingly woke up to 26k views. I’m not sure if this is a coincidence, but instead of deleting videos, you could try this method.


Interesting stuff :slight_smile: Have you tried to do it on any other video or you just have this case for this specific video?

or you can just repost it

Reposting always messes up with my algorithm. I refrain from doing that.

It worked with one more video with less views.

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btw did you desactivate the localisation in the settings ?

What does that mean? Can you elaborate more?

Will try and verify :slight_smile:

Pretty unlikely. I’m starting to question my account and its algorithm. :smile:

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Sounds interesting, I will give it a shot :smiley:

I mean check if in your phone settings, the option allow tiktok to access to your location is enabled.

It is good but not much. You need to work even harder. You can do even better than this. Just how more views come is this focus.

I have videos with over 900k. This was just an example.

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