From where I can buy a SINGLE static residential proxy?

It should be an Indian IP and also not already action-blocked. Is Luminati any good? do they sell single proxy?

Two more off-topic questions.

  1. What if I buy proxy from the same country(India in my case) but a different city than my home-city/IP? I have the account logged in my phone(connected with home-wifi) and I am planning to install an automation tool into the AWS VM and use a proxy from the same country. But it will be difficult to get a proxy from my home city. Will that be an issue?

  2. While setting up the proxy in AWS VM, is there anything else should I change apart from the proxy via the automation tool. I read somewhere that we need to change even the DNS.

P.S: I am using only one account. I know I can do this on my laptop itself but then I can’t leave it run for like 24x7.

Bump. At least, let me know where can I buy Indian proxy at a minimum price? Luminati is damn expensive. Can’t spend $20 for a single proxy.

If you are only using one account there seems little reason to use a proxy. But if you really want to… this forum has a search function as well as google has :slight_smile:

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I tried and am trying for the last 2 days. I can’t really find a single place that sell Indian proxy at a decent rate.

Well… maybe research what a proxy is, how it works and what SM platforms really require. Maybe a proxy from India-Napolis ist just good enough… It is difficult to see the forest when you are standing directly in front of a tree. Walk around it and find your way.

Sorry, for link posting, but this list of providers should be of service.

The top ones are of course on the expensive end, I mean Luminati, Oxylabs, but Storm Proxies, Proxy store and maybe Smartproxy as well should be on your budget.

By the way, not sure, but I believe that if you buy through their website, you get a discount on some of the providers.

Hope this helped!