FTC deems selling fake followers and likes to be illegal

FTC deems fake engagement to be illegal fines a company 2.5 million dollars and Facebook says its taking legal action against several companies link down below. https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/ftc-rules-that-selling-followers-and-likes-is-illegal-along-with-posting-f/565598/


Crazy haha, the best thing is he didn’t sell big number at all :rofl:

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I think he is number one in google though that’s probably why they target him and also I personally think it’s a step in a good direction

Strange thing I never heard about that page before, but he is also just reseller. Well for me it’s worst step ever, and I hope they stop on this and let other people work. I have 100s of people that are buying it from me, so for people that are making money it’s bad direction :slight_smile:

Ohh ok I see that would be bad for you but good for the people who run automation services etc

Despite the fact that it happend, Devumi continues promoting his other websites (services):

I mean, wtf… Still trying to continue selling fake engagement/followers via other websites that are obviously ran by Devumi… Such a bastard…

And even on trustpilot he buys fake reviews and promotes his other website LikeDiva…lol


It’s just matter of time since FTC starts acting up on all big panels. This should be illegal since day one anyway. Many business went to skyrocket with these “numbers” tactics…

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