FTC Increases Pressure On Instagram Influencers?!

What do you guys think?


This sounds… absurd. I get it if they’re an actual brand, but if it’s a person, who the fuck cares? Sure, I don’t like being duped by some hot girl telling me that drinking this green liquid is going to make me lose weight and be more attractive with the best skin ever because, OMG it’s LITERALLY THE BEST, but you’ve gotta have common sense. It’s someone posting their opinion, on the internet, with a picture.

Read the logical fine print, someone posting photos isn’t a scientist making claims, or a magazine selling issues, it’s safe to assume that it’s just some attempt to be popular or make money through your influence.

But man, those trendy wood sunglasses I keep seeing all over Instagram… must buy now.

Edit: I bet someone at the FTC had a child duped by some pseudo celebrity gimmick marketing photo and got mad.


Ooh man there are plenty of people who believe in it right away. Especially about losing weight.

They do not want sports and diet schedule for months. They want fast magic secret products.
Maybe i need to build some accs in this niche😇

Wood sunglasses Hot selling products at alibaba.com true


Magic niche, you say?

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It’s not surprising, its happened to affiliate/internet marketing a few years ago. If a Guru or Influencer can influence someone to buy on impulse or use their social authority, then there is enough people who will overlook the common sense just enough for just a fwe seconds to buy that magic pill…

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