Fuelgram alternatives?

Anyone have an automatic likes alternative similar to fuelgram?

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the likes exchange here was good when it was working…

So was fuelgram haha but looking for something that currently works :slight_smile:

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Would be honestly pretty cool to have something like that again

whats going on with fuelgram… i used them awhile ago . i heard they were back but really small

Ya they were but went down immediately again. Spoke with owner of it and they aren’t launching ever again

You can now get like 50-100 likes per round lol, and they kept the same prices, not worth it anymore

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U sign up through their website or?

I don’t know how they work now, I am using it from the start till now, more then 200 accounts on the rounds. I don’t know if they even accept new people, this is my last month also, it’s not worth the money anymore

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Just messaged you!

why you think like that? Why fuelgram isnt working anymore?

with 200 rounds you can give yourself likes and not even use and intermediary…i heard like exchnage is back so thats another option

They went down again when? It was working in October but much fewer likes per round.

Found a solution but Sorta pricey

like what?can you explain?

good its not working, one of the reasons we were all fucked

Ya auto engagement rounds from good accounts and comments too. More expensive than fuelgram but work well

but can you say what are you talking about? :slight_smile:

You mean what I’m using? Because I just said what I’m talking about

sorry, yes what are you using?