Full Browser Exp Jarvee

Tell me correctly, I filled out?

What is it’s benefit bro?

What a living person. What do you advise?

Why did they score so much?) I would choose a couple of cities and a couple of hashes and all the fire)

English please. Thank you.

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@pozitiv I think you need to do it one by line,like this:

Here’s how it goes!

Did as you advised.


I think that both ways are working, one per line and limited by comma so you can use either of those two options.

My URLs are getting the same, I don’t know if it’s working.

I’m doing {hash1, hash2, hash3}

Do you use this? Shows more human factor right?

Yeah, that’s the idea.

Primary goal of Full browser experience is to visit websites, browse them, so you get cookies and pixel placed. This way more relevant ads will be shown to your account. I know you don’t care about ads, but FB does :slight_smile:

Is it correct to include it at all? For instagram.

I don’t think it will do any harm. But as with everything, don’t go wild with the tool.

Why does it hurt? Is it better to turn it off?

My bad. I forgot “don’t” there :joy:


I don’t understand? Do not turn on

I’ve edited, read again

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