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Books are made from books, that being said, most of the things i’ve learned are from other people so this might have already been posted here but i’ll post it anyway, might help some people :slight_smile:

Some of the first things I do on my slave accounts to avoid PVA’s/blocks is viewing stories, as far as i know, if you dive into more human-like actions before you f/u you get +1 point on the human scale.

2nd thing I recommend is viewing other people’s profiles on Insta, this can be easily done on Jarvee

  1. Open chrome browser and install an extension called Link Grabber
    2.Go to insta.com and using the extension grab 300/400/500 instagram profiles and posts links from search results
    3.Login with the accounts using embedded browser and go to FULL BROWSER EXPERIENCE , paste the links and start the full browser experience tool.
    4.Let the accounts warm up in the oven for 48h++

JARVEE only as far as i know
It will consume a lot of ram&cpu, i plan on paying a jarvee subscription just for this reason alone and transfer all my slaves to gmt2.

Stay safe and don’t roll with cold accounts :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks for the info about link grabber! Didnt know this one.
How long do you warm up before starting DMs with your child accounts?
I wait at least 14 days of warmup, sometimes more.


48h+ on this method, add story views and wait another ~24h, slowly start on f/u for 7-12 days or more, add likes and wait for another day or two, and if all looks good i’ll start DM’ing.

It also depends on the quality of the account, is it made with hotspot so each account is created from 1 ip? are you using 4g proxies afterwards? is there any similarity between your email username associated with the account and insta username? Did you verify the account with your own sim card number or HQ online provider/trash provider etc.


Do you think it’s important to visit IG profiles since you are not collecting any cookies there? I assume the FBE option could be useful if you are able to visit other websites and collect cookies there, but some proxy providers doesn’t allow to visit any websites except instagram.com

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Hey, I already posted this!!! How do you dare!!!
JK haha, good share :wink:

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Very helpful my friend! Thanks :pray:

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i only use FULL BROWSER EXPERIENCE to visit sites with Facebook pixels on them i guess there’s New Method that i gotta try Now
maybe mixing IG profiles with sites would be great too!
thank you so much for sharing


@Radu1296 Thanks for the share! Great info! I’m really adding an amazing collection of bookmarks here lol!

“stay safe and don’t roll with cold accounts” :point_left: This right here :clap: Excellent bit of advice to stay low on IG’s radar :sunglasses:

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This is a good method, thanks!
The only problem I have encountered with the FBE is that the collected cookies take a lot of storage space. As you scale and get to the hundreds of accounts, the cookies folder can go up to 30+GB easily.
This becomes a problem for me when I want to try backing up everything or even for loading Jarvee as it takes a while to load.

you start with how many stories per day and for how many dyas you warm up with stories even i have been doing the same i start the story tool at start for like 7-10 days and do 50-60 per with growing with 10 everyday

What’s your method around this please?

The only way around this is by deleting some of the cookies that were collected. However, deleting the cookies in itself also defeats the purpose of collecting cookies in the first place…

To delete cookies go to Settings>Embedded Browser. There is an option called "Delete up to X K Cookie Cache files with every restart.

Now the cookies will be deleted after every software restart.

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