Full-proof way to create a high-trust score account

I have come to the conclusion that the way you create an IG account may immediately determine it’s trust score and reach early on.

I have made accounts before that would receive many likes early on and have great reach. Then I tested out making a new page with similar content and it would not receive the same effect (I reasoned this was because my IP was flagged from making too many accounts).

I decided to buy a new phone and a new IP so that I can make a fresh IG account with the highest possible trust score to begin with.

I wanted to ask if there is a checklist of things that I should do to create a high trust score account. Here are some things to definitely do and some things to avoid. Please tell me if any of them are incorrect, or if I missed anything.

Things to do to make a new Instagram account:

  • Make sure the IP is not flagged (i.e. fresh IP from a mobile 3g proxy is good)
  • Do not use an @handle that has been shadowbanned before, The shadowban may carry over to your new account.
  • Make sure you leave no trace to any accounts that have been flagged by IG before (for example, do not sign in with a flagged account on the clean IP).
  • Should I sign up with a facebook account, email address or phone?

why 3g and not 4g?

I am not sure which one i have, is there any difference?

Internet 4G has a faster speed

with your phone?
dont leave fingerprints. With mail the provider is a factor (yahoo, gmail are the most trusted.)
With phone i would say max 2 per sim.

G means generation, it represents which (3rd or 4th) generation of mobile internet you are using. The newer, the faster. Fun fact: have you heard birds exploded while testing 5g? :smiley:

EDIT: +1 to @Ghosa I have been running tests and mail.ru-s got lots of bans while other trusted providers are still working.

yepp. russian mail providers are crap for IG.

what about rediffmail.com?

Is there anyway to increase trust score on current account that have low score?

ok but wont last forever.

Yes. Stop automating. Than add storyviews and browser experience.

The mail provider isn’t a factor when it comes to the trustscore of the account. When it would be the case, too many average user could get hurt. Do you think a russian teenie cares about trustscore when she registers with her mail.ru account she uses regularly?

Most email providers emails won’t last forever when you don’t use them, so subscribing to a newsletter or sending an email every few months can help to keep them alive.


With the last story views ban scare I don’t think story views should be thought as something that improves trust score don’t you think?

Well as allways when you do something with human like behavior its ok if you are watching 500 stories every day its not.

In order to activate my new phone I have to be on Wifi. Will I leave a footprint if I setup my phone on my residential wifi, and then disconnect from the wifi and then setup my IG account on my mobile proxy?

Seems human to me

@kripke You’re a fool if you think Instagram doesn’t detect it, if they don’t ban you doesn’t mean they don’t know

@GemStone Appreciate your opinion. Don’t want to argue with you just do what you think. Deleted my comments.

I know it’s human, but will it leave a trace to the original accounts i built on that WiFi network?

receive likes or comments from verified accounts. I know it sounds difficult to get but in this group several we handle verified accounts