Fully Automating Reposting

Guys I’m a total IG and Jarvee newbie and I wanted to ask you the best options on Jarvee to fully automate reposting and stop worrying about editing the caption after the repost.

The thing I struggle the most for now is shitty captions and sometimes copies of the same posts that I posted a while ago. For more info I’ll share my Post Caption Text:

Credit: @[USERNAME]

If you could give me any advice or even better your post caption script but either way is fine! I’m just trying to automate the reposting 100% (even if in the process I will lose efficiency) because I work full time in a restaurant and I don’t have time to edit the captions for 60 accounts (which I still don’t have but that’s the plan).

Thank you very much in advance!

I personally found repost being harder that uploading another pic with modified hash, so i would go with lot’s of crapes and generic caption.
but if you don’t get detected you can go for that ofc!

One way is to check posts on the explore page and have a look at how they do it. There are a lot of curator sites that just do reposting for many years now. So basically… copy from the best.

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I have never reposted from Instagram. One way I use for my posts is scraping pictures from tumblr blogs and for the caption I have a script that generates them with the keywords I want. I might share it here in the future.