Fun fact, cfrom Iphone 8 plus with gmail account and it is impossible)) maybe IG algo really is in trouble

I try to open Instagram acc from my iphone 8 plus with new gmail account and imagine IG doesnt let me to open new acc)) I think IG algo really gone crazy. Because with this rules they will lose lots of new real users

How many accounts have you created with that device ?

Did you just create the gmail account before creating the IG account?

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the phone is my private phone and I have got only my private accoun in it

yes gmail was fresh

did you try to open in safari or the app itself? try the other one if you can which ever one say app use browser possibly and vice vera –

Had that problem too. Fresh Gmail - Opened account - directly blocked acc. (Two days ago) Then I created via phone number and worked fine. Same things happened on iPhone XS and Xiaomi 5 Plus for anyone who needs the info.

I have a theory that fresh gmails get blocked instantly.

Yes I think that too… But how can Instagram know that the gmail is brand new? This is wierd…

So IG blocking everyone now)) even normal people getting action blocks )) most of them complaining about it .

So there are terrible mistakes lately.
I wonder if they are repairing something or there will be some big update: D Whether they introduce something or just guesses. Although the IG now breaks down very often.

These things matter in this case scenario:

Number of total accounts ever made with your device. (Phone) and please notice by this I do not mean how many accounts you are using on your phone atm. But how many accounts you have created on your device throughout the time who have had your cell.

Number of total accounts ever made with your phone number. Using the same phone number to create accounts.

Freshly made Gmail accounts. <- - - this may seem to be your issue in this case

It is a private phone and never used for account creation, ip was residential and never used for botting, my friend just want to create new private account for himself and IG didnt let, he used Phone number for creation and it worked. So I think instagram makes huge changes and it will be like FB in new 2 or 3 months.