[Fun Poll] Do you like the Green!

J’s update with the new light green “!”
Looks like it shows when reached daily/hourly limit.

  • Love the Green !
  • Dont Love the Green !

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I personally like it, its much better than seeing all the red ! for the past couple weeks.

What do you guys think?


it’s ok. maybe somebody requested it, doesn’t change anything. :slight_smile:

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It’s cool but I’m much more exited for updates were they truly attack the current problems :smiley:


Yeah I’d prefer updates too. Hahah

I like the green. It gives more clarity at a moment’s glance


Doesn’t scare me like yellows

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I guess it gives some kind of subconscious link to success / something working, which makes sense for new users.

I personally don’t really have a strong opinion about it and agree with hurrying the other updates that would make the software better.

Talking serious, did anyone feel any real changes? You know what I mean…

Reminds me of Shrek. Fan of both.