Funneling followers to mother accounts?

Hey people, can anyone who as successfully executed M/S strategy tell me how can you funnel organic followers from your slave page to your mother page? Really looking for the answer …

Direct message

Can you tell me what might be the average conversion ratio?

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Normally you try to use all means possible - every achievable way to interact with users - without getting your slave account banned. As @xstaC pointed out, one of those channels can be direct messages.

The main force that should drive users from your slaves to the mother account will be mainly comments and the caption in the posts themself. One of the many reasons why people fail to set up and operate a good mother-slave setup is because they do not know how to grow their slave accounts. Without good exposure and follower - more importantly, engagement - growth those slave accounts are almost useless.

It is not an easy task and you will get a lot of headaches on the way, especially if you think just slapping accounts into Jarvee, doing follow/unfollow and direct messages will be enough.


Using 20 salves and driving 1000 followers a day

Thank you :raised_hands: for this information

Not sure how that’s possible.

Sometimes I get a dm from smaller accounts “suggesting” me to follow a bigger account. I think that’s the method.

One dm I recently got:
"Hey there Leny, I’m absolutely thankful for your follow back! :heart_eyes:

As you seem to really be into pups I thought I’d show you a page that I really like > @xyz You have to follow her, that doggy is truly beautiful. :star_struck: Definitely go and look yourself > @xyz :dog: "

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Use DM, use story mention, use caption mention etc.

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Just don´t ever use comments, that shit is spammy as f***. When a bot comments the decision is simple -> report
Use DMs

I think comment @mentions should be fine @Kravas

On the other hand comments that are related to the subject have huge conversion if you know how to drive engagement. Just recently found out that giving away much genuine :heart: to the people in need of :heart: will eventually bring you :heart: aswell, and that converts to :dollar:

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I think it´s spammy