Funny Support Tickets

So earlier today I received a support request from a potential client needing computer repair. I thought it was funny and worth sharing. Hope it can encourage some laughs. If you have some funny ones to add, please feel free to reply with yours.

“Good evening sir, I think I may have several viruses from pornographic sites however when I contacted the company from which I have a paid subscription, they said they have disabled any adds on their site so I am not sure where these problems are coming from. It is constantly freezing when I am doing normal things like browsing the net. I would like this to be discreetly taken care of using remote sessions if possible as I do not want to reveal my homosexual pornographic interest to my wife. please call me as soon as possible between 7-10 pm at **-- , thanks”


Feel bad for the wife :grinning::grinning:


Give him Suckerberg’s email address. He comes across as a raging, slimy, syphilittic scumbag. :dizzy_face:

I think he was coming out to you Brandon :smiley:


Hey, maybe he swings both ways and doesn’t want to scare her. I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it might be a bigger issue that he should get … uhh… resolved.


I mostly felt sorry for this family. Not sure if I should feel bad for the guy having to be secretive about his sexual orientation due to society’s pressure, or for the woman having to go through such a thing without even knowing.


Was searching for my customer support thread to see if it appeared in top results, found this as top result. Not even mad.


Hahaha! Sorry to steal your thunder. Unlike mine, yours actually took off! It deserves to be #1 :smiley:

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You also have a hot to contact support? Why did it not show up? I know @euhero thinks it was a bit of a waste of time for my end, but even just telling/showing typing how to for a few people made it worth posting.

Savage @BrandonBerner is SAVAGE!


Fixed that for you.


Thanks man,. I know there’s something missing in my post. lol :joy:


Hahaha, now that you say it like that…i feel bad for the guy.

Maybe I just got a weird sick humor :smiley:


Whatt… BrandonBerner. WTF are you doing?? I told you to keep my pornographic ativity a secret.

(This is just a joke)

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