Gain/Buy Followers - Help


My account is stuck at almost 5k since months. As soon as I gain 10 followers I loose them immediately.
Can someone advice a working service/method to buy or gain followers?

I know it’s too general as request but I’m open to everything.


I feel the struggle, have been fighting the same for a long time. I lose more than I gain, no matter what.

Think it’s partially a niche problem, but also the mentality of people who follow a 5k account. You’re not quite popular enough to keep following them once you unfollow (or even if you don’t), so you get passed up and unfollowed more than say a 10k or 20k follower account would, because of the lack of “popularity.” It’s a psychological mind game that social media has trapped people in.

Anyway to your question, you could try experimenting with Instagram/Facebook ads, though there’s no guarantee. You could also look into automation with tools like Jarvee, which will probably be cheaper in the long run.

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Thank you so much for your answer

I try with ads often but they remain in “pending, in review” all the time if I do a 24h promotion it expires before being approved. Tried to contact support but of course they don’t answer.

I also tried Jarvee last year but without any result, I got blocked every time I tried to use it maybe because of bad settings…