Gained 20k TikTok Followers using Jarvee repost tool

Two weeks ago I started reposting contents from other TikTok users using the Repost tool (USE ONLY EMBEDDED BROWSER is checked + hashtag as source). I repost 10-15 posts to my TikTok account every day.

I don’t use any hashtags on my posts. So far two of my posts have gotten 1,2 million views and 2,2 millions views, and some of my other posts have gotten hundreds thousands of views. To be very honest I was surprised of these results because I use the Repost tool directly and didn’t edit the videos before posting. I had 20 followers on this account two weeks ago, now it has over 21k followers. :grinning: I used to use the repost tool only for scraping TikTok contents for my IG accounts. I will now continue using it for my TikTok account as well.

Has anyone else gotten good results with the Repost tool? I would like to know whether you use hashtags or not in your posts and your Repost daily limit settings.


Question, does your proxy play a big part in this?

My question is as follows:
Do you want to monetize this account afterwards?
How do you want to monetize them?
Is it just your experiment?
Does it also translate into:
Or other social media?

That’s interesting @ossi :smiley: what niche is this? what type of sources you used for extracting posts?

when i tried this, the vids get 0 views…


Hi, I don’t use proxy. I’m running the account on my home IP.

I’m still not sure about the monetization part since it’s just my experiment. I want to try the same thing on my other TikTok accounts, but currently it’s not possible to add them to Jarvee.

I’m using hashtag as source… niche is viral videos :grinning:

Are you using hashtag as source too? How long have you been running the Repost tool?

how you guys solve “you are visiting our service too frequently” problem on jarve. i can’t solve this.


me too and I had hashtags and description. Still 0 views.

i have same,

Pretty sure it’s their version of the TikTok API

I’m getting the same issue. Currently there isn’t a fix for this issue yet. I wonder why that message only appears on JV EB… Logging in works just fine on other browsers and the app… :thinking:

  1. Login with regular webbrowser
  2. Export cookies from browser (via addons like EditThisCookie)
  3. Extract your browser user agent (plenty online pages for that)
  4. Change embedded browser user agent in jarvee to your browser
  5. Import cookies from browser into jarvee
  6. Click verify
  7. Thank me later :slight_smile:

Can you please make some example video of the process?

What are you willing to do with those TikTok accounts in order to make any revenue :slight_smile: ?
CPA or something?

If you’re the right person you can easily use the audience to funnel traffic anywhere from what I’ve seen. Of course it requires a certain criteria for people to care, ie. hot girl, really crazy dude, amazing memes.

Found this model with 100k followers basically just standing in practically no clothing, she’s gaining at least 500 followers a day on Insta that must be coming straight from TikTok, analyzed the account, definitely not doing f/uf and probably not m/s as it would be a reputation ruiner.

Picture pushing her content to OnlyFans or a Patreon with “more to see” could be a good traffic funnel with real income for pretty much existing.

Now… if only I had a reason to use TikTok…

There was this guy that used bts for his photoshoot. Why nlt give it a shot? @ian

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I should, it was a really good idea but I don’t want to rip him off completely. Not that it’s anything super unique, but he did execute it well. My problem is getting photoshoots to actually happen, keep getting flaked on. He did it with strangers on the street from what I remember, which won’t work with covid but yeah.

Have to remember next time and see what works. Focusing on the models and not me of course, nobody wants ugly dude to be on camera :stuck_out_tongue:

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Everyone copies everyone of one way or the other. Just gotta give it your twist or do better :raised_hands:

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I have been getting good results lately but if I may ask even if my question is a little bit off-topic how to maximize your revenue from those accounts? best methods only.

This works like a charm. Thank you for sharing! :slightly_smiling_face: