Gaining followers but engagement dropping. Why?

So I’m experimenting with this account. Repost page, single baby pictures only. 5 times a day posting, scheduled from creator studio. I am implementing simple automated engagement on my account (likes, comments and saves) with frequency of less than 200 likes/saves & less than 100 comments per day. Account has less than 100 followers. It’s been couple of weeks since I started this automation. I am getting more profile visits, gaining followers but experiencing dropped engagement. I’m comparing periods: before automation vs after automation.
My manual tasks on the account are only responding to rare comments on my posts.
What could I be doing wrong? [don’t want to use jarvee😅]

This is typical as far as I know, the more you grow the less engagement you get, the percentage decreases with more followers. Although with only 100 followers it shouldn’t be so low, in my experience anyway.

Are you doing follow/unfollow?

Hashtag Use (or lack thereof)
CTA Caption (or lack thereof)
Account Fundamentals- Name, Profile Picture, Bio (Or lack thereof)
Content Selection Alignment (or lack thereof)
Targeted Engagement (or lack thereof)
Follower Alignment (or lack thereof)

What’s nuanced to your account, only you would know since we no nothing else beyond what you’ve quantitatively shared.

I am not doing follow/unfollow at all.
Also, the page name is @theweebairns. If you could, check out and let me know.

Thanks for your detailed response.
I could only be lacking in caption, I guess. I do have CTA but I’m repeating same set of captions over and over again.

I am pretty targeted. I have automated explore page engagement too. My explore page is full of only relevant stuff.

By they way, if you could, please visit the page @theweebairns. I would appreciate your feedback