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I appreciate this positive community that is so helpful to one another and I love each one of you. I had a quick question. I am planning some Live Stream ideas on Instagram and thought of the idea of starting with $20 in a gambling site to try and gamble to make enough to get a hotel to stay at for the night. Of course this is purely for fun and entertainment purposes only. I read the terms and conditions and they say that advertising gambling is illegal on the platform. Although, this would just be gambling on my own in my free time, so it is not in any way shape or form an advertisement or paid brand deal. I am also not running an ad through IG, so this has nothing to do with targeting and all that. The website also has also been promoted on other pages shown as an actual advertisement as well, so it is indeed a verified website. I will also not be disclosing the website I am using. I was also planning on keeping in my description that this stream is not sponsored or an AD. As well as something about "This Is For Entertainment Purposes Only 18+. As well as using a piece of paper to cover up the logo of the website I am playing on during the entire steam. I am also in a legal state that allows online gambling. Please let me know if any of you have experienced this or have any greater knowledge of what is acceptable and not acceptable in Instagrams eyes. Thanks for all your time!

Summary: Is Streaming Leisure Gambling Against TOS on Instagram Live

I would say its against TOS to do mostly anything related to gambling on IG Livestreams (maybe Pokemon Card unboxings / Loot boxes are the only thing that is allowed)

So i would not risk my Account for that

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Not sure about Instagram, but I know quite some people do it on Twitch / YouTube.

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yes off course and a small test will give you the answer IG is very strict on this matter and sometimes they ban accounts just because they did not like the act done on them