Game Hack Video Proof

Does any of you guys happen to know how to put the number counter up in the video using after effects?

I looked everywhere on YouTube and google and all i found was tutorials that show you how to make the number counter up only.

Expert in AE here: Just set the value a certain number and then make the second keyframe 0.

Should count down now :wink:


Thank you. Do you mind sharing a screenshot or somethig of how you do apply the number counter up to the video so it starts counting.

What is the counter counting exactly?

go to text, insert slider (fx&presets), alt-click on stopwatch source text to open expressions, tie expression source text to slider control, set value of slider to 25 or whatev and keyframe, then keyframe at the part where you want it to hit 0, easy as that

For solid numbers only use .value.toFixed(0) at the end of the expression :sunny:

Yeah. I found this on youtube and i know how to do so. I’m only confused about how to put the number counter on the video. Some say that i need to replace the text on the game with number counter to get it to look like it’s counting up and stuff.

I usually just take this moment from others youtube videos (5-10sec) and it works like a charme, videos never delete :cowboy_hat_face:

Sounds smart but it’s not doable if you’re targeting a low to no competition niche.

Yes that’s pretty true ! :slight_smile:


I found out that some say this could be done by replacing the where the coins and gems are with the number counter up and make sure the font and or theme matches to make it look more real.


Still trying to figure it out but this is the right way to do it.
Photoshop for making the background of the resource area, aftereffects is used for editing the video using a effect ( a counter effect ) + if off-screen filming, you can use motion tracking.

This is golden, thank you.

Did you figure it out? I’m still trying to do so. :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyone guys? It’s been three days now looking up tutorials and trying to figure it out on my own but no luck. I would be really grateful if anyone can explain how it works.

Ah great ! I will use that now :innocent: