Gary Vee uses proxies


You heard what he said guys :joy::+1:



I think he uses Harry’s proxies: Proxies for client management


Of course he do.


Haha definetly



lol how old is that pic? Love the dude :slight_smile:


I like his approach to.
I dont know, found this by accident while searching for a Gary Vee meme haha :joy:
This was pretty hard because there are not much of them in google pictures


Don’t agree with him on everything, but almost haha…


I’m not too, otherwise I wouldnt be a member of the forum. But the overall message is definitely right. Branding and content for example. Trust is a big factor when it comes to selling. So in the long run a well built brand will always do better then just something based on ads/marketing. When you know what I mean.



I do and I definetly agree! If you want a longterm brand you need more thank just sales and marketing!
Quick money is nice but won’t help longterm!


lol you did that yourself, admit it haha…


This is really inspiring stuff, doing this just for fun :smile: simple garage sale