Gave up on CPA. Time to move on

Well I just gave up on CPA today spent all my money $120 into this project and didn’t get results my accs just keep getting banned using fresh proxies at least 3 month accounts and a decent PV. Now I’m doing Drop Shipping, and selling my own products on @fluffychubbydogs and @counting.bills lol. Should I come back to CPA in the future when I have more $ but then that time I will get sims?

Give us more information, did you figure out why your accounts were getting banned? What type of CPA offer, what domains were you using, after how long did the accounts get banned, what PV service.

The more detailed info you provide us with the better the response we can give you :slight_smile:

Maybe it was your LP or your settings. CPA with IG is quite simple I wouldn’t suggest giving up and moving to drop shipping just yet.

I remember by biggest mistake online. thinking i need to spend hundreds of dollars to profit but its not true at all! i believe i was making like 1k month on twitter when I started with no botting before. But I run a legit service / product not CPA.

By advice to you Fousey is make money without putting anything into it first!

Are you kidding me?! I’ve heard of this on BHW but I never really checked if such a ridiculous niche exist :slight_smile: Who follows these accounts?

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This month made $300 so far on it with 5k followers just from shoutouts. so i dont think its ridiculous

None of the “ridiculous” was aimed at you personally, just the niche!

Do you approach people for shoutouts or they come to you, just curious.

Oh no I wasnt trying to say i’m ridiculous I was speaking of the niche haha but yeah ppl come to me I also say it on my Instagram story but ppl come to me before.

I’m also hitting explore page with every post with no engagement groups it ends up on there a lot this niche.

Soon you’ll be posting your own stacks :slight_smile:

Yeah but idk how to monetize the dog acc :confused: some ppl buy shoutouts tho

Thank you man thats what im doing with ebay ha :slight_smile:

Idk man theyre all sorry this page isnt available type of ban its wack i spent 2 weeks warming all them up wasted like 50 acc :frowning:

OGAds Landing page I used a PV service similar to smspva but its more lowkey accs got banned after a couple days of using them when done warming up

I think that may be the issue, real SIM cards are way better i’m starting to notice.

By the way, did you made $0.00 ??? i find it a disaster man. I did $15 on my first try on cpa (spent about $30). I don’t know what you promoted or how you did it but if it helps, when i tried it and had 0 conversions was because my landing pages sucked (you will never convert with those garbage default pages OGADs have) or i was slacking off not setting up my accounts. Yes i got many PV but most of my accs survived quite a lot even if i PV them with just 1 SIM card. I was also a cheap ass and used .tk domains which obiously contributed to the banning haha.

I’m giving it a shot again but this time with non.incentive offers following adnans advice, it is a cool guide, you should check it. Probably you are not learning enough bro. I’m amazed at how many things i learned just this week thanks to those guides. Like literally i didn’t know that you had to ask the admins of the network to promote non.incentive offers (and i didn’t really understand what a non-incentive was until yesterday lol). So it may be ignorance on your part too.

Anyways, if you are making 300 a month that is really cool! you should double down on that until you master it and then try something else to bring more cash.

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I was doing incentive with OGAds basically running 20 accs a day nice bio, profile pic, and link in bio. Following 500 and liking 700 a day and OGads landing pages are great. Niches are Clash Royale, Did the free followers, did Sports, did free gift cards.

Bro you said you failed, OGADs landing pages are garbage. I can tell you i noticed a difference when i switched between them and custom lp. Also OGADs had this issue where all their lp were banned both from facebook and instagram for a period, everybody was complaining.

Probably you were just lazy man. I got bucks out of followers and pokemon Go

Best of lucks in your future ventures.

Nah not lazy at all just failed lmao tf my sources were the problem

For unbanning my current accounts, do I need to purchase minimum 30 proxies or just several of them?