Get 100x More Likes Within Seconds And Get Ranked

Hey guys theres a program called gramblr its free to use and it has help me rank alot of my photos
check it out

Thats a program to upload pictures,how exactly did it help you to rank?

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because it allows you to add likes to your pics and if you add likes to your pics
you have better chance to get your pics featured and no these are not bots they are actual people

Well you give no explanation what so ever,i’m even more confused than before.
I see some coins there,i’m guessing we need to buy coins,wich means it is not free.
Explain till the end…

Please refrain from promoting another software or creating thread solely for promoting softwares. However, if someone specifically asks for a feature like that and MP does not have it then you can reply and endorse the software.

Thank you for understanding.


Since when did gamblr added a like4like ?

Well it does work to a certain extend, i know there are a bunch of like4like service out there that does the same thing, and people are using macro to automate it.

You will need a bunch of throwaway accounts to get a reasonable amount of likes per picture though.

like4like’s are risky in my opinion, they used to ban users hashtags under the suspicion of buying fake likes.

If you want to troll a competitor, redirect some thousands of likes to one of his photo and watch his hashtags being removed.

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