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Welcome to Get-Accs!

Get Accs is a website which provides a wide variety of social media accounts for all types of personal and business needs.

Our high quality accounts and personal approach to every client can be the best solution for your digital marketing delevopment. If you are looking for a powerful accounts and social media services provider, Get Accs will become a partner you were looking for!

We offer a wide variety of products and tools for your social media marketing:

Facebook Accounts:

  1. Fresh FB Accounts;
  2. Aged Facebook Accounts;
  3. Facebook Accounts with Marketplace;
  4. Facebook Business Manager Accounts;
  5. Warmed up Facebook Accounts;
  6. Verified Facebook Accounts.

Instagram Accounts:

  1. Fresh Instagram Accounts;
  2. Aged Instagram Accounts with Friends;
  3. PVA Instagram Accounts;
  4. Instagram Account with Followers and Content added to the Profile.

Twitter accounts:

  1. Fresh Twitter Accounts;
  2. Aged Twitter Accounts.

All the information regarding the accounts credentials you receive and pricing can be found in each product description. Please, feel free to check them out on our website.

All the accounts require some settings to be adjusted before use. Such as clean browser setups and proxy. With each delivery you will be provided with a detailed instruction on how to use the account, so you will be able to study all the details before account using. The instructions is an important part of each order as they are made for you to avoid having issues with your orders. If you still have any questions on how to set up everything correctly, please, do not hesitate contacting our support team via live chat or our email.
Our agents will be glad to help you 24/7.

Warranty and Refunds: All the accounts provided have a warranty on successful login during the first 48h after purchase. If the delivered accounts are faulty, please, let us know and we will replace your order. In case if the faulty accounts can not be replaced or delivered - we will refund the order.
Please, check “Important Information” and “Terms and Conditions” sections on our website attentively before using.

Support and Contacts: We also provide a 24/7 customer support service where you can receive expert consultation regarding any question you have. You can contact us via live chat on our website or using an email support@get-accs.com.

Our team is always at your service!
Site: get-accs.com

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Opensea Views are now available on Get-Accs.com

We are glad to announce that you can now order Opensea Views on our website. Packs of 100, 200, 500 and 1000 views for your NFTs on Opensea platform are already available for you to order on our website. Please note, that we also offer other services for Opensea and Rarible, so you should definitely check them out!

Maximize your NFT gains with Blockchain services from Get Accs.

Tools to bring your OpenSea gains on even higher level are here!

Apart from Likes and Views, we are also offering OpenSea tools which are going to be useful for every successful trader of the fast developing NFT market. Among the new offers you will find a bidding bot which is going to bid and send a notification to your Discord account and a wide variety of OpenSea bots which will send information regarding NFTs listings, prices and stats directly to your Discord messages. We also have available OpenSea NFTs collector bot, different trading bots and a custom bot to automate OpenSea NFT Uploads. All the new offers are already available for you to order on our website: https://get-accs.com/blockchain/opensea-bot/
OpenSea tools and services from Get-Accs.com are your key to success on volatile and unpredictable NFT market.

PayPal accounts are now available to buy.

If you were looking for a payment solution for your personal or bussines needs, there is one more option for you to choose from, as we are glad to announce that we are now offering PayPal accounts for you to purchase. The accounts are aged, verified and work perfectly with Facebook. You can see the offer right now by following this link: https://get-accs.com/business-payment-solutions/verified-paypal-accounts/aged-verfiied-paypal-accounts/

Do you have FB Accounts that can actually be logged into?

Hello. In case you are following all the instructions on how to login and use the account, you should not have issues with accounts on our website.
In case you do, you always can contact us via live chat or via email and we will check your case and get back to you with a reply as fast as possible.

Complex Reddit promotion service for your projects is available to order on Get Accs!

Using Reddit as a tool for your social media business is a great way to get your product promoted to a large Reddit audience. Get Accs is offering Complex Reddit Promotion Service which include manually created posts and comments from real looking Reddit accounts from any countries around the world, high-quality texts or custom content are included. Real time tracking is also available, so you could have a tight control of the promotion progress.
If you are looking for a high-quality and easy way to advertise your NFT or a crypto project, this offer is the one for you. May Get Accs team help you to promote your project among Reddit’s growing family of millions of diverse people.

Check the offer here: https://get-accs.com/reddit-accounts/compex-reddit-promotion

Hi everyone!

We are pleased to report that aged US IP registered Facebook Accounts With Content Added are now available in stock. The offer is a solid low-price solution for your business needs. The position can be found by following a link here: Aged Facebook Account With Content Added And US IPs

For bulk buyers, we have added a pack of 100 PVA Facebook Accounts. Each account has a profile picture added and IP included for you to avoid having any trouble while logging in. Check the pack following a link here and improve your social media business values: 100 Exclusive PVA Facebook Account: Profile Picture And IP Included

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Hi! i need accounts “aged” , with some posts published in those years. Do these accounts have posts?

I have pay but if I click on the link I get empty page

Schermata 2022-06-23 alle 11.20.05


Thank you for contacting.
Most accounts take up to 2 days to deliver. The link is availalble from the very beginning but, it becomes available only after the order is delivered.

Hi friends!

Our stock has been replenished with Telegram accounts, registered with US and Canadian IPs.
The accounts are suitable for Desktop usage and verified with US or Canadian phone numbers respectively. The accounts are delivered as archives with data, which should be extracted into one folder with Telegram. This fast and easy way of transferring allows you to perform a login without asking for a phone confirmation.

You can check new positions and make purchases following the links here:

Hi guys!

We would like you to know that we have added Aged Spanish Instagram accounts to our stock. The accounts are registered with 4G proxy from a mobile device and have a profile picture added. The offer can be checked by following the link below:

Aged Instagram Accounts 2020 Registered With 4G Proxy From Mobile Device - IP - Spain

Hi everyone!

This week we have added Boosted Twitter accounts to our stock. The accounts have 500 followers and some content added. In addition, email credentials are also included in the order.
You can check the position by following a link above.

Hi everyone!

This week, we have added some new positions of our Facebook accounts stock.
Our stock of Aged accounts with 2 BMs added has been replenished with Polish IP and United Kingdom IP registered offers. The offers include 2007-2014 registered aged Facebook account with 2 Business Managers already added. Please note, that special prices are offered for bulk purchases: select a quantity of 10 in a shopping cart and a special price ($100 per 1 account) will be applied. You can check the offers by these links:
Aged Softreg Facebook Accounts 2007-2014 Registered With 2 Business Managers Added - Polish IP
Aged Softreg Facebook Accounts 2007-2014 Registered With 2 Business Managers Added - United Kingdom IP

Are you looking for an option for running ads with a BM, but you do not have a trusted profile to connect a BM to? Now you have a chance to purchase a BM $250 with a Facebook Profile with cookies. Selecting this offer, you are receiving a ready-made tool for your social media marketing (you do not need to have a profile to connect a BM to as the BM is delivered with a profile included). Check the offer by following the link:
BM $250 + Facebook Account With Cookies

Hi guys!

This week we continue to grow our Aged Softreg Facebook Accounts 2007-2014 Registered with 2 Business Managers stock.
Now we also offer Austrian IP, Brazilian IP and German IP registered accounts. The offers include 2007-2014 registered aged Facebook account with 2 Business Managers already added. Feel free to check the offers by clicking the links:
Aged Softreg Facebook Accounts 2007-2014 Registered With 2 Business Managers Added - Austria IP
Aged Softreg Facebook Accounts 2007-2014 Registered With 2 Business Managers Added - Brazilian IP
Aged Softreg Facebook Accounts 2007-2014 Registered With 2 Business Managers Added - German IP

In addition, if you are looking for such account, registered with an IP of any other country, check our website as we have accounts of almost every country you may be looking for on sale: Buy Other Services - Real, Cheap & Fast Deliver âś…

Is this still active?