GET Client With ONE Click For your Ad Agency - Scrap & Verify Leads From Business Directories

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Hey, Thanks to everyone for their patience and valuable feedback for making this app come to its first release.

Currently, the app will scrape extract leads from and verify them using the API. Please use this link to register and get your API to use the app + 30% OFF on your first purchase to try. Please note the link is an affiliate link and I will get some commission if you use it and that would be the only return I will get from you for my time and effort building this the App.

The app will get you the following information:

Business Email
Email Statu: Valid or not
Facebook Pixel: Installed or Not
Business Name: Business Address:
Business Phone:
Business Website:

The app will save you a ton of times if you are doing cold emailing or cold calling for new prospects. Download the App here: Scrapio App

Please reach out to me if you have any questions/comments at Thanks

Watch the demo video here

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Thank you!

I will test it out, looks promising!

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