[Get Free] NordVpn for 3 years subscription

  1. First connect your device to location: Sweden through any free VPN.

  2. Go to https://nordvpn.com

  3. After opening the site scroll down and click on "Get 3year Plan"

  4. And then put temporary email from site like: https://instant-email.org/

  5. Then select " Direct Debit " option and
    select Germany as a country. And then
    click Continue to Direct Debit .

  6. Fill fake information using site like: https://fake-it.ws/

  7. Open the site and select Germany flag to get data. And then fill the information. (Put IBAN number properly after validating).

  8. After filling the information click confirm and then you will receive an email.

  9. Open the email and click the link and set the password.

  10. After setting the password. Login with your email and password.


Thanks for this :slight_smile: will try it :ok_hand:

Thanks, looks promissing

cant they somehow charge you since you add your IBAN?

thanks for sharing

amazing dude, this really works

Thanks for the share. I will check it out!

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Working for me! Thank you :v:

This guy copies all his posts from Blackhatworld :slight_smile:

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Good. Then we don’t have to visit that shithole :slight_smile:

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Is this legal?

doesnt work for me. keeps loading forever after I confirm and I get an error on top of the page :frowning:

Anyone have a free and reliable VPS to do the step 1?